As an investment management firm we specialize in sustainable return strategies for private and institutional investors. We seek to add value through SI portfolio construction to meet specific client needs across most asset classes utilizing a rigorous traditional investment process and integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) research.


Portfolio Construction 

To summarize, we are fiduciaries for our clients, and we aim to achieve solid and sustainable returns around the following objectives:

  • Engineering portfolios aligned with client goals and values to meet their mission and financial needs
  • Delivering sustainable returns in consideration of inflation, fees, taxes, the environment and society as a whole
  • Participating in strong economic environments and limiting losses in difficult ones

Our approach is disciplined and research driven and includes:

  • Owning complimentary asset classes (Asset Allocation)
  • Global-Macro thinking, Local awareness
  • Utilizing rigorous, traditional, fundamental and ESG evaluation processes
  • Making proactive decisions


Sustainable & Impact Investment Consulting


We work with nonprofit organizations (Foundations, Endowments, Charities) to help them meet their important fiduciary responsibility and enhance their mission, and maximize their overall impact through our sustainable investment management and impact advisory consulting services.


Nonprofits are a special breed of investor and they have specific needs and requirements. As mission-driven organizations they seek to provide a greater good for society and/or the environment as a whole, today and long into the future, and over time many have dynamic stakeholders, members, and managers that treat their responsibility with great care.


Many nonprofit organizations are established to have a time horizon of perpetuity, and the goal of taking care of generations to come. This presents a number of opportunities and challenges, and investment committees often have to view these issues through a wider scope beyond just profit, standard measures of rates of return, and a 5% annual spending policy.


A longer term investment horizon (forever) can be an advantage in being able to stay long an investment to realize its full return potential, but it also presents challenges in having to manage risks that may correlate to those potential returns in order to meet other needs including spending policies, operations, and investments that don’t do harm in order to achieve their goals.

Conscious Private Wealth Management


Conscious Private Wealth Management = Personal + Process + Commitment


For us, wealth management is a personal process, and not a product. Our Conscious Wealth Management practice integrates our holistic approach to understanding the important evolving elements of our client’s financial lives through all cycles with fiduciary responsibility to help select families and individuals with their overall financial, investment, risk management, tax and estate planning that reflect their own positive economic, environmental and social values.

 Clients utilizing our service generally have a high net worth and complex, recurring financial issues (trusts, concentrated stock, starting and/or exiting a business, managing a foundation, etc.). Our process is holistic in its approach and it begins with you, the client.