Core Capital Management was established in 2007 with a philosophy of doing things better as an innovative independent investment management firm driven to deliver high-level attention to the complex needs and values of our like-minded clients.


Our purpose is to succeed in the world of investment management, and make money responsibly on behalf of our clients. Everything we believe is fundamentally dedicated to creating wealth, and accordingly making the world a better place.


We work with foundations, endowments, non-profits, select families and individuals. We work for intelligent and conscientious private and institutional clients who share a common mission-driven value set. We are deeply committed to walking our talk, we became a certified B Corporation in 2013, a signatory to the United Nation Principals of Responsible Investing (2012), and a 1% For The Planet member (2013) agreeing to contribute 1% of our total revenues to environmental causes, and we work to continuously improve upon the impact our business has in the world. Including having this website be hosted by aiso.net, a sustainable web hosting company that is 100% Solar powered.


We believe there is a strong connection between delivering long-term performance and incorporating personal responsibility in our business practices, as well as in seeking it in those organizations in which we invest. Our firm was engineered with sustainability deeply rooted in its DNA. That genetic code and our process of executing with mind, heart and soul is how we make smarter choices for a brighter future.